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Tisecom Europe S.L. is created as a clean aim to give service to our customers. Our staff is qualified to the up to date technology.

Different kinds of installements:

  • Vigilance, security and alarm systems.
  • Acces control.
  • Detection and extinction fire systems.
  • Electrical installements, industrial and commercial assembly.
  • Megaphone, interphone and telephone systems.
  • Technical alarms and emergencies.
  • Integration of different Security systems in just one software.
Personal attention.  

Legal details:

  • CIF: B31877129
  • Social Security number:31/1058069121
  • I.A.E.:Epigraph nº 504.1
  • DGP permission: Nº 3365
  • Nº IPCI 31/193-Nº MPCI 31/137
  • Nº R.E.A.: 14/31/0000746

Tisecom Europe S.L. Plaza Rafael Alberti, nº 7 bajo 31013 Ansoáin Navarra
Tlfno.: 948 064 571/Fax: 948 066 688